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Rome, Italy

Nothing Like Travel

The city of Rome has so many catholic churches that you can visit in a day! After 6 days  and 37 seven miles walked tour, there is no doubt that Italy has so much to offer.

May 2018 / Rome, Italy

Picture and edited by Harold Calderon


La Gargolita

Myth or Reality

There is a gargoil that makes her appearance in the middle of the night in the tropical island of Puerto Rico. Witnesses that have seen the creature, described the beast as a white color texture specie that is not too big in size. In fact, it looks that there was a version of this gothic character that used to reside in Texas, right just in my house backyard. "In fact, My wife little chihuahua!

March 2016 / Justin, Texas

 Picture and edited by Harold Calderon  


A Wall of Expressions

In The Woods

In a tunnel way of view people express themselves about sex in a such artistic way. That's the case of this water drain nearby Highway 114 in Justin, Texas.    

Teenager gathered at this place probably to talk, share experiences, and who knows what else! Only nature witnessed their behaviors!

April 2016 / Justin, Texas

Picture and edited by Harold Calderon