Evidence & Documentary Inventory

Protect Your Valuable Before is too Late!


ContourShots Evidence and Documentary inventory provides a valuable service. Everyone agrees that we should all have a documented inventory of our personal property in the event of a loss or claim, but less than 20% of homeowners or business have one. We will provide this beneficial service, so that at the time of loss or claim you will be prepared.

Our services include a complete written inventory list with values as provided by the home owner, serial numbers, video, and digital pictures of the entire content of home or business.

This is provide to you in a professional inventory packet that will facilitate all the information that insurance adjuster need at the time of loss.

A Lesson on The Need for a Home or Business Inventory

"Most people can't remember what they had for for lunch, much less what's stored in the attic!! 

Jean Salvatore

Insurance Information Institute Spokeswoman